Hand in Hand for Maisha Mazuri

Maisha Mazuri Children Centre


MCC is a child development program focusing on support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children - OVC. The project is located at Nguluni , Matugulu Sub County.  We have 24 Centre based kids living in the home and over 60 community based kids supported while in their guardian homes within Nguluni location. 

Main core services offered are in Education , Health , Food and Nutrition, Shelter & Clothing , Child Rights & Protection, Psycho-social Support and House hold economic strengthening- HES.

Academy of Maisha Mazuri

Education is the drive way to responsible Citizenry. The academy of Maisha Mazuri offers competency based curriculum as recommended by the Government. The Kindergarten section has Pre-Primary 1 & 2 while the Lower Primary Section has Grade 1, 2 & 3. The Secondary Section has Form ones. The Academy has boarding facilities for girls and Boys in Secondary. A conducive environment for Pupils and Students is ensured . Practical approaches like the Waldorf concept , Vocational Skills and life skills are fundamental because "we are family". Business skills , Agriculture and Health skills remain critical in the secondary section.

Maji Mazuri Wash Program

Water is life and for Maisha Mazuri , clean water is a priority. "Maji Mazuri , Maisha Mazuri" - Clean water, Clean Life". Maisha Mazuri established a borehole with the help of Hands in Hands for Kenya our partners. The Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Wash program ensures clean water for the kids and staff in the project at all times. Water Kiosks and metered connections are also possible for the villagers at a small fee mainly for maintenance and running the distribution network.

Community Involvement & Development

The Project works together with the community and well wishers for common good.  We have collaborated with individuals , families , Churches , schools and companies to make it possible to give back to the society. The project benefits from charity donations in kind and finances, volunteer hours , expert skills from different community members and we appreciate very much. The doors are still open for further community involvement towards development of our children and youth.

Previously we hosted and worked with Kinyui Grils , Misyani Girls, Matungulu Girls , Tala Boys High School , St. Benedict Matuu, Tala Township Primary, A.I.C Nguluni Original Church, Catholic Church Nguluni among others. Eastmatt Supermarket also supports our work regularly. Community members of Isooni Village also volunteer with us.

House Hold Economic Strengthening

Just like our name, we aspire for Maisha Mazuri for all families we support or work with. Besides the direct benefit to the child in our OVC Sponsorship program, we focus on building the socioeconomic capabilities of their household to meet own demands into the future. 

With the help of relevant Government Departments , Micro Finance Institutions, Entrepreneurs and Volunteers we have trained parents and youths on business skills , health skills , agriculture skills and supported Income generating interventions as well. 

MCC distributed Goats, Rabbits and Chicken to parents in the village and offered to buy back their produce giving a guaranteed market and economic power at the household level. The parents of supported kids also make soap and sell among themselves besides cooking oil. Monthly meetings are done to update books. Income generating activities above are complimented by Voluntary Savings and Loans - VS&L by the parents.