Our Projects in Promoting Africa

Child Support Program - CSP

In Child Support Program - CSP we provide basic support services to needy children in Kenya's Second largest Slum Mathare. 

Kids Orphaned by HIV/AIDS , other terminal illnesses and or made Vulnerable by various forms of abuse or neglect get our support while living with their  guardians. We support in Education , Health , Clothing , Food , Psycho social  support and child rights Protection. Every child needs love and care to feel and do better in life. Currently CSP has 65 Kids from primary school to University.  

"Every Child Counts"  

The Skills Centre - SKC

The School is located at Malaa Town along Nairobi-Kangundo Road. Since 2011 the School has trained and graduated over 600 youths both girls and boys in various skills. 

Training Opportunities are in Solar Photovoltaic, Electrical Wireman, Motor Vehicle Mechanic, Masonry and Plumbing, Metal work , Baking & pastry , Hairdressing & Beauty. The Skills Centre is a National Trade Test Centre No. 500 for National Industrial Training Authority - NITA. 

"powering the Youth"

The Mobility Centre

In pursuit of quality hands on training for the youth, it was necessary to embrace the dual system approach. The dual training concept gives the trainees a chance to be in class for 6 months and to practically train for 3 months at the mobility centre servicing actual clients in the process. The Mobility Centre in Malaa, along Nairobi - Kangundo road offers Auto care & repair services to motorists on daily basis. The Centre also has a bread and coffee cafeteria where Baking & Pastry trainees engage in proper production and sales to clients in the Malaa Town.